The Ronald McDonald House is a place that is filled with warmth, compassion and goodwill

Baby Jezlin was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect during her mum’s 3rd trimester, and was referred to NUH for possible surgery after she was born. Jezlin’s first few weeks of life were in the ICU where countless checks were done on her, as she required constant monitoring. Jezlin did get discharged momentarily, but her family’s joy was short-lived as a mere month after leaving the hospital, Jezlin’s cardiologist made the call to proceed with surgery, which put Jezlin back in the ICU yet again.  

During Jezlin’s second stint in the ICU, her parents Jin Ping and Elaine were referred to the Ronald McDonald House, and it soon became a place of solace for the young couple. Not only did the Ronald McDonald House provide them with a place to recharge their hearts, minds, and bodies, the couple was very surprised that a space like that (moments way from the ICU) was made available to them even during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

When asked what are three words that would first come to mind when they think about the Ronald McDonald House, the couple had to say: Goodwill, Compassion, Warm.  

“We are beyond grateful to have this space to stay at, even if it was only for a few nights. It really helped (my wife’s heart) calm down, and being able to be so close to our daughter while she was fighting for her life in the ICU, really made all the difference.”

– Jin Ping, dad of Baby Jezlin

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