Our Second Home

Siti Nur Ain and Suhaimi are parents to cheerful 18-month-old Amira Mikayla.

Amira was previously admitted to the National University Hospital twice for seizures. After her second admission, unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. Amira’s seizures became more and more frequent; from 3 times a day to over 20 times a day and with the emergency medication not taking effect, she had to be admitted again for the third time for a 2-week stay in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) as doctors tried their best to help control her seizures. 

During this period. Siti and Suhaimi first stayed at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) and subsequently used the Ronald McDonald Family Room (RMFR); which they described it being their “second home”.

Recounting their experience at both the RMH and Family Room, Siti says it was “an amazing and memorable experience. The staff and volunteers were friendly, approachable and always had warm smiles on their faces. The facilities are well-equipped and clean, with beverages and ready-to-eat meals provided for our convenience. The RMH and RMFR became a place for us to seek respite and maintain as much of our regular routines (such as showering, doing laundry, having our pre-dawn meals and breaking our fasts since we were there during Ramadan); all while allowing us to stay close to Amira and knowing we were just a few steps away from her was comforting. We were also very touched to find the Family Room with Hari Raya decorations and festive cookies during our stay. It warmed our hearts as we could not prepare for the festivities as usual”. 

Amira has since been discharged and is now under medication to keep her seizures at bay, Siti shares how they are “deeply grateful to have been introduced to RMHC. It was a difficult time for me as I was juggling my time between taking care of Amira and my undergraduate study; preparing for 3 exam papers and a group presentation during Amira’s stay in the PICU. The Family Room served as a quiet space for me to revise for my exams.” Suhaimi also chimed in saying that “the Family Room serves as a place of respite in between work, visiting Amira, and going back home to check in on my elderly mother. I was exhausted from all the travelling and being able to rest at the Family Room was definitely much needed”. 

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