Ronald McDonald House; a Sanctuary

In the hostile environment of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, their newborn son’s first cries were followed by a whirlwind of anxiety. Baby Jason* underwent a heart surgery within the first week of his tiny existence. For new parents, Dominic* and Amelia*, this was not the introduction to parenthood they had envisioned or hoped for.

In the first week, the couple found solace by their son’s cramped bedside, huddled together on a single chair, unwilling to leave Jason’s side. The fatigue was palpable, and the strain on their mental and physical wellbeing was immense. To make matters worse, post-surgery complications from Amelia’s C-section birth led to a rushed visit to the A&E department.

Then, like a gentle answer to unspoken prayers, an opportunity presented itself. A chance to stay at the Ronald McDonald House—an offer that felt like a lifeline thrown to the parents who were already drowning in the overwhelming challenges of their son’s health complications.

The Ronald McDonald House became their sanctuary—a haven where they could catch some much-needed sleep, gather strength, and briefly escape the cold, hostile hospital environment. It was not just a room; it was a lifeline. Amelia recounts “…that first night in the Ronald McDonald House was like a revelation as it was the first proper night of rest we had after Jason was born and it was much needed. It was more than just physical comfort; it was a mental relief, a space to simply rest and unwind during what was undoubtedly the trying moments of our lives as new parents.”

Meant to be a home-away-from-home, the Ronald McDonald House is a sanctuary for families while being steps away from their sick child in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the National University Hospital.

During their week-long stay, the Ronald McDonald House became more than a shelter; it became a source of resilience, support, and hope as they prayed over their son’s road to recovery.

Jason’s condition has stabilised and is now a healthy two-month-old baby on his road to full recovery! Dominic and Amelia, grateful for the warmth they received from RMHC Singapore, have also made donations and continues to support by sponsoring our monthly groceries.

*Names and images used have been changed to protect the identity of our beneficiaries.

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