Keeping Families Close at the Institute of Mental Health

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to you and your team for providing my family and I with such a wonderful space at the Ronald McDonald Family Room @ the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) over the past few years. You and your team have helped to make our visits to IMH more bearable and has even become something we look forward to. My boys look forward to the drinks and snacks! And one even remembers the tasty goody bag from one Children’s Day distribution. 

Everything about the Family Room – the physical environment, the ‘treats’, the resources (like books and games pre-covid) and the people (yourself and the volunteers) – is like an oasis for the weary soul. I love the soft lighting, the warm wood tones and the comfy seats! 

While I know that the RMHC team is a lean one, there is no lack of heart and effort put into the work you do. Whether it is for the in-patients or outpatients and their families, the RMHC team does what it does with plenty of love and good cheer.

Over the past four years that I have utilised this Family Room, I have personally experienced and witnessed how you and your volunteers have welcomed us, caregivers, and our children/youth with learning, thinking and/or behavioral differences with such warmth and with no judgement of our children.

You and your team speak with such kindness and genuine care to our children and to us. I am also personally very touched that you even remember details about my family like my youngest girl whom you’ve only seen once or twice. 

The Family Room was even a lovely informal social and support space during the Pre-covid days. It allowed caregivers like me to meet fellow caregivers to commiserate and encourage. 

Thank you, Mano and RMHC SG team, for doing the priceless work you do in bringing comfort, cheer and hope to so many children, youths and their families like mine.


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