Ayden was diagnosed with a rare VSD defect condition when he was born

Meet Melissa Tan, and her son Ayden Ayden was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect when he was born. This condition impeded his growth, and he needed to undergo a heart surgery. When he was two months old, he was just the weight of a new-born. It was an extremely tough and taxing time for Melissa and her husband to have to witness Ayden undergo such a complex surgery at such a tender age. Melissa and her husband were referred to Ronald McDonald House Charities, and were subsequently offered a room to stay in when Ayden was hospitalised after his surgery in July 2021. “Not only was the Ronald McDonald House cosy and well-equipped with both cooking and laundry facilities, my husband and I were extremely touched by the great lengths that the staff went to, to make us feel welcome and comfortable.”

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