A safe space for families at the Institute of Mental Health

Kim’s son Jared was diagnosed with Autism at the young age of four and a half years old and has been seeing doctors, psychologists, and therapists to help with self-regulating his condition.

The family was initially living overseas when they first found out about Jared’s diagnosis, and were left with no choice but to return to Singapore as they were unable to find the medical support needed in the country that they were residing in.

Jared is now a secondary school student who is 15 years of age and sees his psychologist at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) once a month.

Kim finds the Ronald McDonald Family Room at IMH very clean and comfortable, and sees it as a great place to come to relax. A big plus about the Family Room, is the fact that the Family Room also offers refreshments.

Having access to such a facility has helped Kim and her son, as they usually come visit the Ronald McDonald Family Room at IMH before heading to see the therapists and doctors.

Kim mentioned it was very difficult for the family especially during the initial stages as Jared did not get accepted into early intervention centres in Singapore, and by the time the family had finally settled back into Singapore, Jared was already well above the age limit for admission into early intervention centres.

The Ronald McDonald Family Room at IMH is and continues to be a safe space for patients as well as caregivers of children seeking treatment at IMH’s Sunrise Wing.

– Kim, mum of Jared

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