A relaxing space to pass time

16-year-old David was first diagnosed with having ADHD during his Primary School days when the Roving Mobile Clinic made their rounds and came by his school one fateful day. David’s mom Elle, a single mum recalls it like it was yesterday.

In 2015, David was referred to the Child’s Guidance Clinic, located at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) Singapore. This is where he subsequently was diagnosed with having behaviourial problems as well, on top of his ADHD condition. The mother and son duo has been frequenting IMH ever since.

It was not until 2018, did the Ronald McDonald Family Room @ IMH officially opened its doors and welcomed families and their children. To me, the family room is a super cozy place for families and their children to rest and relax while waiting for their turns.

Appointments at IMH can sometimes take a long time as the doctors and psychiatrists may have to see the patient and their caregivers separately, one after the other.

”I remember there were times where we even had to skip lunch just to make it for the appointments by heading directly to IMH after David’s classes end, so I am really thankful for having complimentary snacks, cup noodles and beverages available so David won’t go hungry while waiting.

– Elle, mum of David

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