Our daughter, Si Xuan, was diagnosed with a liver condition soon after birth. A year later, she had to undergo a liver transplant at NUH. Though NUH was very supportive of the patients and family members throughout the pre- and postoperation periods, it was still tough for parents to accompany their sick children throughout their hospitalisation.

Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House at NUH, we were offered a room to rest throughout our daughter’s four-week recovery at NUH. Although it was small, the Ronald McDonald House was cosy and well-equipped with cooking and laundry facilities. We were also provided other essentials to make our stay there as comfortable as possible. We were touched by how the staff and volunteers went the extra mile to help us cope during our daughter’s hospitalisation.

Words cannot describe the experience that we had in the Ronald McDonald House. The care and concern that extended from everyone in the House – the volunteers, the night security officers, the staff, the Executive Director and other families staying at the House deeply touched our hearts! We felt extremely fortunate despite being so stressed and worried about our daughter’s progress. It was gratifying to know that we had another “home sweet home” at the Ronald McDonald House that we could fall back on!

We met other parents who were in the same state of mind aswe were… we shared stories, experiences and solutions with one another. It was just amazing to see how all of us from different backgrounds, cultures and countries were able to come together to give one another moral support and encouragement.


Even after our daughter’s discharge from NUH, we were still welcome at the Ronald McDonald House for drinks and snacks whenever we returned to NUH for our child’s medical follow-up.

The experience that we had at the Ronald McDonald House is truly unforgettable and will always remain in our hearts. We look forward to sharing this experience with our daughter when she grows up!

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